ACME Solaris

The ACME SOLARIS presents new possibilitiesfor multi-function, multi-use moving panel luminaires. It is capable of providing a wide range of illumination and eye-candy effSOLARISface comprises a 6×6 array of 15W RGBW LEDs,interspersed with a 7×7 array of 0.06W White LEDs. All are designed for pixel mapping applications, offeringmany exciting possibilities for graphical effects. Producing 25,800 Lux @5m with a fixed 6˚ beam angle, the panel allows for split colors in mid-air, creating endless effects variety in any visual application.

What’s more, SOLARIS’s infinite Pan and Tilt movement reveals a creative mirror panel on the unit’s rear face, giving the imaginative designer a whole new range of creativepossibilities upon which to reflect!


• 36 (6×6) 15W RGBW pixel control LED + 49 (7×7) 0.06W CW star-effect LED array
• Pre-setsfor a variety of graphical matrix effects
• Outstanding color mixing effect
• Variable CTO: 2500K – 8000K
• Smooth dimming from 0-100%, with 4 optional dimming curves
• Outstanding strobe effect with variable speed
• Excellent thermal control
• Low noise: fan speed can be adjusted automatically according to temperature
• Optional reflector mirror modulecan create moonflower effect
• Flicker-free management
• Random strobe & pulse effects