J&B Blinder 36WW

BLINDER 36WW uses 36 3W WW LED light engines, beam angles are 4°/8°/12°/25°/45°, a variety of strobe speeds can be adjusted freely according to requirements, 0-100% smooth dimming, Through the connecting plate, the lamps can be freely spliced to each other, and the LED can be controlled by a dot matrix, which can easily achieve the lighting effect simulation effect. The lamps can be connected to each other through the connecting plate, easy to assemble and light preset programming, exciting point-by-point control, quickly create dynamic graphics and starlight effects, and cover a wide area with strong flashing effects to meet the needs of bars, dance halls, clubs and other entertainment venues needs.

• Light source: 36 x 3W WW LED
• LED can be controlled by dot matrix
• Beam angle: 4°/8°/12°/25°/45°
• Various strobe speeds adjustable
• Small size and light weight
• 0-100% smooth dimming function
• No flicker under HD camera